Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Candy/Cookie Jar

DIY Holiday Candy/or Cookie Jar. Decorative flowers, Glass Jar, wide Candle Holder,
and Glue are all that's needed.

Holiday Candy/or Cookie Jar
Place the holiday flowers in a circular fashion on top, then glue your wide candle holder
to jar. Very beautiful.

Materials Needed:

Artificial Holiday Flowers
Glass Jar
Wide Candle Holder

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Candle Holders

Holiday Candle Holders. You'll need decorative holiday glasses, glue, three red candles,
different height candle holders. You glue the holiday drinking glasses to the candle holders. Place candles
in drinking glass and place Epsom Salt around candle.

Holiday Candle Holders
Materials Needed:

Three Red Candles
Epsom Salt
Three Holiday Drinking Glasses
Three Candle Holders

Snowman Stick Ornaments

Snowman Stick Ornaments. Very easy to make.  Use white craft paint and cut felt for the different shape
hats.Glue them on.  Glue or draw buttons.  Cut the scarf and glue. You can draw the eyes with marker or glue wiggly eyes.  Draw in mouth. Cut carrot shape for the nose.  Small stick and raffia to make a broom (optional). Cut a piece of ribbon and glue to back for hanging.

Materials Needed:

Jumbo Craft Sticks
Felt (different colors)

Black marker or wiggly eyes
Small stick and raffia (optional)

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Wreath made from toilet paper rolls. A circular cardboard was first cut for firmness, then the toilet paper rolls were cut and glued on.

Next, you cut the toilet paper rolls by slices of circular shapes.  With these circular shapes, you then shape and glue them to these three different shapes: bow shape, square to make a gift boxes and next, a star shape.

Then, you paint with craft paint (three colors: green, red, and gold or yellow).  For the gift box, you can use color paper or paint chip samples, which is what I used.  You also cut very thin sheets of toilet paper rolls to use for the top of gift boxes.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

The red ribbon on top is made from very thin cut toilet paper rolls and glued together. Listed below are materials needed.

Materials Needed:

Toilet paper rolls
Paint (red, green, gold)
Color paper or sample paint chips

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doll's Checkers Playing Table

Checkers Playing Table for 4" dolls from juice bottle cap, milk caps, and square wood craft dowels.

The checker board is made from craft color foam sheet, graph paper and tiny beads.

The square wood dowel measurements are: (1) 2 3/4", (4) 2 1/8", (4) 1 3/4"

First you need to cut the dowels to size, then you turn the large juice cap upside down and
glue the 2 3/4" dowel to it. You can reinforce it if you like with 2 tiny pieces of wood on each side.
Once it's dry, turn it over and glue the four 2 1/8" dowels to the bottom and the other four 1 3/4"
dowels vertically. Last you glue the milk caps.

For the checker board you need to cut the craft foam 2" x 2" and the graph paper 1 7/8" x 1 7/8".
Next, you glue the graph paper onto the craft foam and color in black squares, then you take 2
different color beads and glue them onto board.

Materials Needed:

Square wood dowels
One large Juice Cap
Four milk caps (or small juice caps)
Craft Foam
Graph Paper
Tiny Beads

Luau Hurricane Candle

An easy to make Decorative Hurricane Candle for your next Luau Party. You will need some beach sand and sea shells.  Flat sea glass and dimensional Luau stickers. I used hot glue for the flat sea glass, but had to glue a few of them more than once. A stronger glue for glass would be best.

Materials Needed:

Glass Hurricane
Beach Sand
Sea Shells
Flat Sea Glass
Dimensional Luau Stickers

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beach Theme Flower Vase

This is a very easy to make beach theme flower vase.  First, I added beach sand to a clear flower vase. Next, I added the flowers (beach shades are best) and then the sea shells. Last, you place the 3 dimensional stickers to the inside and outside of vase.

Materials Needed:

Clear Vase
Beach Sand
Sea Shells
3-Dimensional Stickers

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mosiac Sea Glass Table

This is my very first mosaic project.  It is very easy to make, but it does take some patience.  I had this table for a while and wanted to do something with it.  I used sea glass which I bought at my local craft store.  You need to get the flat sea glass for this project. The other 2 items besides the table that you will need are, mosaic tile adhesive and grout, both of which you can buy at your local craft.  I used regular grout that I bought from a hardware store.  They have grout that you mix yourself and ready to use grout, which is the one I bought. First, I traced a picture of a butterfly on the table, then started to glue the blue sea glass on the table. I did come across a small problem  (the table is glass and the sea glass is also transparent, which made the glue show through). I solved this problem by turning the table over and painting it white. Then I continued to glue the rest of the sea glass. It is important that you leave an adequate amount of space between each sea glass, so that there is space for the grout.  After gluing all the sea glass, you are ready to place the grout. Follow the instructions that come with the grout.  It is very easy to apply.  


Small Table
White paint (if using a glass table)
Flat Sea Glass
Mosaic Tile Adhesive
Ready to use Grout

I love crafts and I am working on many different projects.  Some will be Holiday Crafts, so please come and visit again.  I hope to be able to inspire others to try some of my fun projects.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY Water Fountain

My water fountain on my small garden patio. I love gardens, flowers, and water fountains.  This one is a DIY:  All you need is a nice pot and a complete fountain kit sold at your local department stores that have a garden section.  Prices vary, but I bought this one for $20.00. There are two different ways that you can set the water to flow. If you like, you can add stones to cover the bottom of pot and for decoration.

I'm working on various projects, so do come back and visit.