Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seashell Jar

This beautiful Seashell Jar was upcycled from a mayonnaise jar. The wooden sign
was made out of flat thin craft sticks. First you make the wooden sign. Cut one
side of the three sticks that you are going to place vertical into pointy shapes.
Lay them down on a flat surface and evenly spread apart (about 1/2"). Then take
four craft sticks and glue them together to make the sign.  You need to glue, then cut
the four sticks into one pencil looking point. Then, you glue them on to the three vertical
sticks. The last step for the sign is to cut one stick 2 inches, lay it flat and glue the sign
onto it.

Once you have your sign made, you are ready to glue everything on.  Place some glue on
the jar top (enough to cover the whole surface).  Next, you place the seashells, starfish,
wooden sign, and you sprinkle some beach sand to the remaining area of jar top. On the
sides of the jar top, you place glue, and add some twine in a circular fashion. (even though,
I did this step last, after everything was dried, it is probably best to do it first.) You can also
tie a piece of twice, and hang a few seashells on the outside of the jar. Fill up the jar with
seashells and voila!

Materials Needed:

Empty Mayonnaise Bottle
Beach Sand
Starfish (optional)
Flat Craft Sticks

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