Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doll's Checkers Playing Table

Checkers Playing Table for 4" dolls from juice bottle cap, milk caps, and square wood craft dowels.

The checker board is made from craft color foam sheet, graph paper and tiny beads.

The square wood dowel measurements are: (1) 2 3/4", (4) 2 1/8", (4) 1 3/4"

First you need to cut the dowels to size, then you turn the large juice cap upside down and
glue the 2 3/4" dowel to it. You can reinforce it if you like with 2 tiny pieces of wood on each side.
Once it's dry, turn it over and glue the four 2 1/8" dowels to the bottom and the other four 1 3/4"
dowels vertically. Last you glue the milk caps.

For the checker board you need to cut the craft foam 2" x 2" and the graph paper 1 7/8" x 1 7/8".
Next, you glue the graph paper onto the craft foam and color in black squares, then you take 2
different color beads and glue them onto board.

Materials Needed:

Square wood dowels
One large Juice Cap
Four milk caps (or small juice caps)
Craft Foam
Graph Paper
Tiny Beads

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