Thursday, December 27, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Wreath made from toilet paper rolls. A circular cardboard was first cut for firmness, then the toilet paper rolls were cut and glued on.

Next, you cut the toilet paper rolls by slices of circular shapes.  With these circular shapes, you then shape and glue them to these three different shapes: bow shape, square to make a gift boxes and next, a star shape.

Then, you paint with craft paint (three colors: green, red, and gold or yellow).  For the gift box, you can use color paper or paint chip samples, which is what I used.  You also cut very thin sheets of toilet paper rolls to use for the top of gift boxes.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

The red ribbon on top is made from very thin cut toilet paper rolls and glued together. Listed below are materials needed.

Materials Needed:

Toilet paper rolls
Paint (red, green, gold)
Color paper or sample paint chips

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